Carla Janzen Norwex Consultant Edmonton

Can one person change the world?
At Norwex – we think they can.

The Norwex Solution

  • Reduce the Chemicals you breathe, touch or ingest.
  • Cutting-edge technology & organic and natural ingredients.
  • Decreases cleaning time by 75%.
  • SAVE Money!

I am an Independent Norwex Consultant in Edmonton and
my passion is to help you
 save time, money AND stay healthy doing it.


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 Prevent Cancer

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No bacteria can grow on silver.  It’s nature’s way.




Norwex BacLock Technology

We sell the only microfiber with silver. It’s not coated with silver it is embedded right in the thread. It won’t ever wash out. Our cloths have a 2 year warranty and a 500 wash lifespan.

No Sassy Bacteria Stays On Your Hands!

This eliminates the concern for cross contamination from your hands to any other surfaces. The bacteria will never grow in the cloth. This is very important if you have sick people in your home and especially with the concern for a possible flu pandemic. You can keep your family as safe as possible using the Norwex cleaning system. The silver in the enviro-cloth is effective against:  … More

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