Can one person change the world?
With Norwex – you can.

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The Norwex Solution

  • Reduce the Chemicals you breathe, touch or ingest.
  • Cutting-edge technology & organic and natural ingredients.
  • Decreases cleaning time by 75%.
  • SAVE Money!

I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant in Edmonton and my passion is to help you save time, money AND stay healthy doing it.

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Is your home a Safe Haven? – complete our Quiz and get helpful hints on how to make your home the safe place you want it to be.

Not All Microfiber is created equal. At Norwex each fiber is 1/200th of a strand of hair with over 10 million feet per cloth! Our microfiber removes 99% of bacteria off a surface when used correctly. No more bleach!

Do you tell all of your friends about Norwex? Being a Norwex Consultant can change your life in so many positive ways. You’ll earn extra income during the hours that are convenient for you and be changing lives in a positive way at the same time. Norwex provides everything you need to build your business.

Do you come home from your yoga/exercise class and clean your home with chemicals? While you are working on your mind, body and spirit health you can be nixing all that good time and energy by using chemicals in your home and on your body. Norwex can put your mind and body at ease and make your house a ‘safe haven’ to come home to.



Start your New Year off with Free product of your choice plus a new Mop from Norwex. Book a party it’s easier than a new diet or exercise program and lots of fun. You’ll get great tips and personalized ideas for keeping your home clean the easy way.

Join me and make your life healthier too!

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New Products in 2017


1. Mold and Mildew Stain Remover
2. Kids Towel in new colors: Royal blue with orange trim or purple with lime green trim.
3. 4 in 1 Kids Wash use as body wash, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner.

New Fall Products August 2016


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