Carla’s ongoing Blog Page

Business Card PictureI love my life. I’m a grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters that I’d lay down and die for in a second. I have two grown sons I love and a fabulous daughter-in-law. I always wanted a daughter and now I have three in my life. I’m sooo blessed. We spend so much of our lives looking externally for meaning and value but it truly starts in the heart and at home. I have had many struggles with self esteem, a bout of depression and death of special people in my life but they are all parts of my journey.

I taught piano for 10 years, started/owned an embroidery company and now I have my Norwex business.

I am passionate about,, building my Norwex business team, yoga, love yoga and giving back and just taking moments with deep breaths and really noticing what’s around me and the beauty in people.

I hope you find something for you in my website, it’s  a bit of an ever changing project and tricky with the mass of information you can find on the web.

Cheers, and Happy Cleaning from me:)

Two boys with Asthma and Allergies

Growing up with a mom who can still be called a “super-networker”, (she’s 80 and still giving me advice)  it’s no surprise that Carla Janzen has found her passion in customer service. Even at 7 years old, she was selling candy in ‘Carla’s General Store’ which her dad built for her; Carla’s parents have always been very supportive. Now that her own children have grown up she has more time to focus on this passion and she couldn’t be happier to be part of the Norwex team.

After finishing school and working on her own she married and raised two boys with severe asthma and allergies. Carla knows well the difference between environmentally friendly products and breathing friendly products. Finding cleaning products that are asthma, allergy, and environmentally friendly and that work well was almost impossible. Through constant research and learning about asthma and allergies Carla became very passionate about how our health is affected by our environment.

Her family was forced to move to the city in order to be closer to doctors and hospitals just to care for her boys. With schools being less than empathetic, Carla joined forces with another mom to lobby for her son’s school to replace old carpeting and have furnaces cleaned properly.

Carla taught piano for 10 years in her home and wanting more evening time with her family chose to start an embroidery business of her own. After running it for 3 years, she realized she would rather be out interacting with clients than manning an embroidery machine.

When looking for another business more suited to her personality type she had ruled out home networking businesses. Life leads us in many unexpected directions and after attending a Norwex party with a friend Carla became very passionate about the products and wanted to share this with others.

Cleaning without Chemicals

Carla has become an expert on cleaning without chemicals. The more knowledge we have about the products in the stores, food and cleaning products alike the better. She will tell women if they can only change one thing to stop using fabric softeners. “Fabric softeners leave a film on clothes to keep them soft and smelling fresh,” Carla explains. “What most people don’t know is that this ‘softness’ that is against our skin all day and night is full of many toxins and chemicals linked to some neurological disorders, respiratory disorders and cancers”.

Norwex Wool dryer balls (replace fabric softeners) are made with New Zealand Lambs wool so they are all natural, separate the clothing reducing dryer time and saving clothing from extra wear. The best part about them is that there are no chemicals left on clothing. Carla has always enjoyed teaching others and providing this important information to her clients is her way to pay it forward.

Although it is hard for Carla to sacrifice time away from helping others, in her spare time she enjoys yoga, reading and entertaining with friends. Finding the balance is what many women entrepreneurs struggle with and Carla is no different. She says, “I drive my husband crazy with all my ideas and things I want to do! He says I have to choose what is most important but it is hard to let something go when you feel passionate about it.”

After having just a brief conversation, it is easy to know that inspiring others to make healthy choices will be Carla’s focus.