Vinegar and Norwex Cloths

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All Norwex products are designed to work with water alone but there should be no negative effects from using vinegar with your cloths. Stiff/Hard Cloths: The issue might be that the Ultra Power Plus does not have any additives or … Continued

Wahoo – it’s a Ooho

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I’m so excited to know that there is a company out there working at eliminating the ‘water bottle’ as we know it today. Are you familiar with the 5 major Ocean Gyers? Ocean currents move to the centre of a … Continued

Plastic Goes Deep

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Just how important is ‘Pitching our Plastic”? I’m sure you do your due diligence in recycling as much as possible. After watching Netflix – A Plastic Ocean I realize our future depends more on just recycling. We need to simply … Continued

Microfiber 101

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  Have you ever met a great looking guy (or girl or partner:) with charisma, a great personality and you just can’t believe he’s real. Your waiting for that ah ha moment when you realize under all that he’s really … Continued

Start a Fresh Medicine Cabinet

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I recently helped clean out my parents medicine cabinet and much to my horror found one item had expired in 2000 and another in 2014. Why not make January your month to peruse through your medicine cabinet and make sure … Continued

New Wrinkle Release Spray

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Wrinkle Release Spray really does work and the plus is our Norwex product does not contain chemicals. The top of this blouse is ‘before’ and the bottom is ‘after’.On the right side I sprayed until quite wet then smoothed with … Continued

Antibacterial Soap soon to Disappear in the U.S.

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Antibacterial soaps will soon disappear from store shelves under orders from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which said Friday that they provide no benefits over regular soap. Products with 19 antibacterial ingredients — the most popular of which are triclosan … Continued

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