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Keep jobs/goals small and do-able and you will be successful. Oh, and remember Norwex products make it all easier :).

Cleaning Habits

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Leaving a dirty kitchen counter top can leave you sweeping more than you need to. You reach for bread, cookies and cups often sweeping your arms or clothes across the counter top dragging and dropping the crumbs on the floor.  Not only that the crumbs end up in our socks, between your toes if you don’t have socks on and they are then dragged who knows where all over the place. What seems like an annoying task that we can always ‘do later’ when you don’t do it now you’ll be doing more cleaning later.

So grab your kitchen cloth and give the counters a quick wipe over before you leave the house in the morning, you’ll be much happier when you come home. Besides if the kids get home before you, you’ll be able to better tell what they’ve been into in the kitchen. Be smart!


Now that you’re in the habit of keeping your counter tops clean sweeping the floor will be a snap.  I suggest sweeping the  floor daily after dinner. If your dinner time is eat and run then plan to do this after your evening snack instead. It’s really a snap if you have the microfiber mop with the dusting head on it. The large size covers a lot a space quickly and get under appliances easily.


Give your cupboards door handles and the little section of cupboard behind them a wipe down once a week. Don’t add this job to your weekly vacuuming &  floor washing.

Do this while you are talking on the phone or waiting for something to boil on the stove. It only takes minutes and extends the life of your cupboards.

The Sink

Keeping the kitchen sinks  clean is crucial in home care. Give your sink an extra wipe with your Norwex kitchen cloth or envirocloth every night after doing dishes. Check that drain for food particles left there and clean  them out. Put your drain plug in the dishwasher every couple of weeks minimum – that’s easy.

Dr. Oz. did a show segment on how much bacteria sits in your sink drain if you don’t keep it clean. That was scary stuff!  If you have the dish drainer in the second sink lift it up twice a week and give it a good rinse/wipe with your envirocloth. It’s crazy how the second sink gets dirty too. This habit only takes 1 minute a day.


Keep your entrance way and kitchen floors clean. This can seem daunting especially if you have a small entrance way or kids with backpacks and multiple shoes/boots to deal with. But the little rocks/sand/grass that comes in the entrance way tends to migrate through the rest of your home.

If you can get in the habit of sweeping the entrance way and kitchen 3 times a week you’ll save yourself a lot of work on cleaning day. Do you have a cleaning day? That’s actually a very good thing to do if you haven’t designated one yet.


The bathroom sinks can really get away on you. You brush your teeth and spit in them, wash faces in them, sometimes even feet get washed in them. I have little hooks at the side of my bathroom counter with the window and microfiber  cloth hanging for easy access in my bathroom. Works great and so do the travel pack size of enviro cloths.

They are so handy for the quick wipe of the sink at the end of the day. Wipe around the taps quickly as well and the counter area just around the sink. This habit takes less than a minute and saves you big time on cleaning day.  Use the Drain Care once a month in your bathroom sinks to keep the hairs from clogging the drain.

Cleaning Your Range Hood Vents

  • Remove the vents from your overhead stove fan. Put them in the sink and cover with hot water.
  •  Place 1/2 scoop of the Norwex Ultra Power Laundry Detergent and 1/4 tsp of the Norwex Dishwashing liquid.
  • Let soak for 5-10 minutes. Give a quick scrub with the spirisponge and voila` your done.
  • If you don’t have a voila` and you haven’t cleaned these for a year or more then you can spray them with the Norwex Oven Cleaner, let sit for 5 minutes then give a quick scrub with the spirisponge.

This should do the trick. I have put them in my dishwasher to clean as well but they still come out sticky sometimes so I like this method.

Getting into a routine of cleaning can make a huge difference in the type of products you’ll need. If you are in a cleaning routine then the job will be fairly easy no matter what you use. But if you leave the shower/bathtub/floors for 2 weeks or more (especially if you have children) you’ll have to work a little harder.

Since WWII more than 80,000 chemicals were introduced into our environment in North America and used for everything from cosmetics, cleaning products, pesticides, herbicides. Most of these are not tested for safety on humans so we are basically guinea pigs. I don’t like being a guinea pig. Cancer rates have risen in parallel with the increase in chemical product use since the 1950’s.
April 22nd is Earth Day but you can be earth conscious all year long. Because when you are good to our earth you are good to yourself.

Use a high quality microfiber cloth to clean everything in your home. Anywhere that you normally use any liquid cleanser just replace it with water and your microfiber cloth. Once you’ve used the more expensive good quality microfiber you won’t go back to the cheaper ones. The cheaper brands don’t hold the moisture or the dirt and grime as well and don’t last as long either.

I have raised 2 boys with asthma and allergies and in the early 80’s there wasn’t any such thing as microfiber as it wasn’t invented until 1992 in Norway. So I was well versed in using baking soda, vinegar all those safe common household products. The challenge was you needed a lot of elbow grease, they didn’t always do a really great job and ammonia seemed to be recommended for many cleaning jobs and ammonia is very bad for us to breath especially if you have asthma. When I was introduced to the Norwex Microfiber products my life changed for the better and I’ve never looked back. Sometimes I actually forget how much work it was.

Cleaning and Tidying are two different chores. If you keep your home tidy and follow the advice ” everything in it’s place and only move it once” your life will be easier – especially with kids. I know this is difficult and it’s a lot of work teaching kids to keep things clean but believe me it’s work it.