There’s More to Your Toilet than the Bowl

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Ever notice yellow stains or a brownish color where the toilet seat is bolted to the toilet? You wonder how does that get there? This is where the real germs are. The sprays of water mixed with you know what congregate under the bolts. If you notice a smell coming from the toilet even after you’ve cleaned it this is probably where it’s coming from.

Honey I Need A Screwdriver!

Getting your husband or son’s involved in cleaning the toilets is a good way to give them more purpose in life. So ask them to get a  flat head screwdriver with a wide head on it and you’ll peak his interest and soon he’ll be getting that lid off for you. The American Standard ones can be hard to take off as holding the plastic nut underneath can be tricky while unscrewing the bolt. With some newer designs you just twist the plastic piece in the direction of the arrow and lift. They are easy to clean. WARNING if you have not cleaned under these bolts for more than six months it’s going to be yucky guaranteed. Once you have the bolts use a toilet paper or tissue to wipe off the gross yuck. Use your ‘bathroom’ envirocloth (wet and wrung out) to wipe up all the bacteria on this area of toilet and give the seat a good wipe as well. You might want to soak and wash up the plastic nut and bolts before replacing.

Be Fish Friendly

There’s a wide variety of toilet cleaners on the market today. Most contain toxic chemicals that kill fish and are dangerous to breathe. Norwex Sanira solution is vegetable-based & biodegradable. Our system has no metal parts so it won’t rust. I still have mine which is now 9 years old and looks like new!

Good Tools

Many times we look at price first thinking of our budget and that’s important. If you were to project what you might end up spending over the next 5 years you are saving money when purchasing a good quality tool. That’s what the Norwex Sanira System is – a good tool and cost effective. It holds the cleaning solution which will last more than a year.

Norwex Sanira System $59.99 (includes cleaning solution).

Sanira System Refill $19.99

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